The Illumination Tour

being able to do the things i enjoy for a living as my occupation seems unreal at times. gratefulness is an understatement when it comes to the amount of appreciation i have for my environment and the opportunities that surround me.

picking up my first video camera when i was in high school was more of a curiosity than anything. however, once i saw my first 360 Video Magazine by my idols Robby Abaya + Phillip Velasco , i knew i wanted to someday capture moments on film like they did.

i've never taken any formal class or film school - i always learned better by doing vs listening. i was thrown to the wolves on one of my first gigs, which was Skratchcon2000. It was the world's first conference dedicated to the education and development of skratch music literacy featuring, of course, the almighty Invisibl Skratch Piklz in San Francisco, CA which eventually led me to my interest in DJing and turntablism.

i came across this workshop called the "Illumination Tour." It was described as an intense educational experience about the fundamentals of cinematography. Taught by Shane Hurlbut, ASC  - Director of Photography for 18 Hollywood films including titles like "The Rat Pack" (directed by Rob Cohen) "Terminator: Salvation" "Need for Speed" and one of my favorites "Drumline" directed by Charles Stone III.

needless to say, I was being taught by one of the best!  this wasn't your ordinary school session. in high school/college, you can normally find me at the back corner (my favorite seat.) however, in this course, because I enrolled so early, I was able to have a "crew" seat which meant I got to sit front/center and also have first dibs on working the gear/camera/lighting!

do what you love and your dreams will follow. peace out - pete alexander

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