Double Take

i've been hustling like crazy lately. my body has been on overtime mode for the past 2-3 months.  been taking many trips back north to my hometown of san francisco downtown lately.  it's about 3-4pm, and i haven't eaten breakfast yet. i run down to grab something to drink and eat..and i notice someone who looks really familiar...tooooo familiar. it's Shelley!  if you've known us from the 360vm days, we did an elevator skit ironic...years later..we meet the elevator.  it's always nice to come home to friends i've grown up with.  we were able to catch up at her workplace (same building i was working in)....things haven't changed a bit. thanks Shelley for staying in line for 30 minutes for my lunch. Owe you big time.

2014-04-10 14.39.29.jpg
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