What Are Your Expectations?

I once read to expect nothing and accept everything. On the other hand, I've also heard to expect the best but prepare for the worse. I suppose for every view point there is a good counter point. One of my most common self reminders is this

"Don't expect others to react the way you would in any given situation.." 

With all the different experiences and upbringings each of us have, it's no wonder there is such a variety of reactions to things happening in every day life and in the world.  I have extremely high expectations of myself, and very low of others. Being let down constantly by others throughout life, it's no surprise. Could this just be a self fulfilling prophecy? Or perhaps I'm just attracting the thoughts of being let down and so I am.  Who knows..this world is a trip (as B.Brown would say). 

For me, at least pertaining to people I would consider my friends...this pretty much summarizes it all.

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