The start of something new.. #TBT

after working at the music store at the malls and McDonalds where I got to eat all the fries to my hearts content....i started as a temp at Bank of was at the corporate office taking messages and distributing them to the call center associates when everyone was on the line helping other customers. 

we helped businesses and corporations like Sony, Apple, Disney, and Microsoft conduct high volume and high dollar amount transactions. i was lucky to get a few hours a week of work but i was very hungry and eager to learn. i was made fun of because of the way i dressed to work (and my blond hair didn't help). i received the stink eye when i'd walk by agents desks and also insulted by managers during team meetings. the agents despised me. i don't blame em'... i was the person who was giving them more work. suffice to say, i wasn't too excited waking up at 4am and looking forward to going in the office.

i sat next to the big boss lady (Nina) who overheard me on the phone trying to help a customer. i wasn't supposed to, as my instructions were to strictly take messages and pass to the experts. she called me into her office and i thought i was going to get fired. she gave me kudos on how i handled the call and instead of firing me, offered a part time position. 

few month later, i was offered a full time position. this was my first "real job" in the work force, i was ecstatic. 7 months later I was offered a team lead position and within 1.5 years was extremely fortunate to became one of the youngest VP's in the organization managing the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia as an Operations Manager just a few levels below the CEO. Not sharing to impress anyone, but rather impress upon you the amazing things that can happen when you add resilience to your self resume and go above and beyond what's expected of you. Stay hungry.. stay humble..and live with passion.

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