The Wedding Story + Same Day Edit of Mark + Trisha

Being able to grow up with wedding party always makes these extra sentimental. As a child, I lived just a few houses down the street from the bride, Trisha. I was one of the lucky ones who covered the wedding of her older brother, Dale, and sister, Gina, over a decade ago. (what da...a decade?..yaaawp) Around 2009-2010 I started slowly stepping away from the wedding scene so I can venture into other fun projects. I can't lie, I started missing it, but knew if I started booking wedding and event shoots again, I'd be overwhelmed from the other personal and business ventures I wanted to pursue. This year, out the cuts, Trisha's sister Gina reminded me of a promise I made long ago. The promise was that one day when her sister Trisha got married, that I would cover her wedding. Though I don't recall that exact convo'...LOL....a promise is a promise :) Few months before the big day, I invited Mark & Trish over to San Diego where we spent one whole day together. We hung out had a great time. Mark is just as cool and crazy in person as he is in this video..actually more so. He's mah' homie though...he's a good man. I interviewed them separately in my humble little 400 sq ft loft/apt I call home. No scripts, just random questions with honest answers. I wanted everyone to know their story, not just me. I decided to take a different approach than I'm accustomed to for weddings by mashing up documentary, reality tv, and music video qualities. I would edit this for hours not even knowing that I was supposed to eat breakfast 12 hrs ago. Thanks Mark + Trish for letting me do this for was a great Jordan #45 comeback (as Dale would say). Mahalo..oh..oh..wicky wicky..oh.. love yall foreals.... Thanks for everyone who was part of this amazing destination wedding. I'd shout yall out, but you guys are all in the credits :) -Pete Alexander

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