Big Brothers and Sisters of America - Meet Dylan

As many of my friends know, I enjoy documenting life - especially the people around me.  So when Big Brothers Big Sisters of Americ reached out to me for an opportunity to get to know one child (Dylan) in need and his donor (Jayson) - I immediately packed up and left for the islands.  Not only did Jayson play a mentor role to Dylan, but he ended up adopting him.  How cool is that?  This piece was food for my soul in creating.  Hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Janette, Karen, Maria and Erica for getting me involved and allowing me to capture Dylan and Jayson's story. Special thanks to my friend Philip Lemoin for helping me capture this piece.  Couldn't have done it w/out ya buddy.  Also special thanks to Austin Larso Jason F.,  Hawaii Camera, Andrew Tran for the amazing support you've offered on the island.

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