"Take a risk, you gotta shoot to miss"

copy and paste from Fab's facebooks.

"Last night I told @stephencurry30 a story of how last year at ‪#‎AllStarWeekend‬ in NYC I took my son to the All Star Game & at halftime he got to meet a lot of the players. Steph was 1, and while doing warm ups at halftime he threw my son the ball & told him to take a shot. My son dribbled a couple times, threw it back to Steph & shook his head NO. I'm standing there wit phone ready to take a pic of my son shooting wit Steph Curry & he turns it down! 😳 So I squat down & ask him why didn't you shoot the ball??? My son says "I didn't wanna miss the shot in front of all these people" I dropped my head for a second & knew it was a LESSON to be learned here. I told him he has take a shot to make a shot. Meaning you have to be willing to take a chance to be successful at anything. He said Ok..I got it. I later made that a lyric on "All Good" on ‪#‎TYOGP‬ "Take a risk, you gotta shoot to miss" 
Long story long, lol I shared father stories wit Steph cuz it looks like his dad was a major part of his life & I see his same duty wit his daughters. [shot by @ravieb]"

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