Pioneer DDJ-SX2

I'm usually excited to get the latest n greatest in technology - but for some stubborn reason, i never wanted to leave/upgrade my turntables (i still don't). My first mixer was a $99 numark mixer, then after I saved up.. got the rane ttm-57 which i definitely enjoyed using.

Other than transitioning to/from another dj at the clubs, i rarely used cdj's but always wanted to practice more with them. I noticed the model i wanted (cdj900) were a little too pricy for me. The mixer i really want, pioneer (djm-srt900), was also a little out my budget.

After research i decided to get the pioneer ddj-sx2. It addressed most (if not all) the concerns I had in purchasing something new at a reasonable price. It has 2 integrated platters like cdj's, a 4CH mixer, serato dj compatible, and has this cool thing called DVS (digital vinyl system) that allows me to still use control records with my turntables. It's also portable and small enough for me to travel with on mobile gigs. Thanks Rich Intensify Delos Santos, Sunny Illest and Dennis DjWreck Requierme for the audio consultation! Can't wait to hook it up today.

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