Pre Flight Announcements

I remember my former boss, Theresa J. saying to me "don't ever forget to take care of #1."  I honestly didn't really get it when she said that to me, but as my distorted brain starting thinking it had ZERO time for anything it became clear right away.  Gotta take care of yourself before you can take care of anything or anyone.  Just like the Southwest Airlines announcers be saying inside the pre-flight announcements - if the oxygen masks come down, put it around yourself first, then assist someone else if needed.  That sounds so bizarre to..I mean, my instincts would tell me to help someone else next to me, especially if they couldn't do it before anything.  But I see the logic...if I died of lack of oxygen, I'd be dead...and I couldn't help anyone else even if I wanted to.  Anyhow...take care of #1...yes indeed...I know it's a tough pill to swallow especially if you are so used to taking care of others...but you gotta give yourself the permission to put you first.  It's not fact..the more you love yourself...the more you can hook others up.  Cheers friend.


this pic is my "thinking spot"

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