Cinematic Look In Under 1 Minute

Magnus DWF-2 Universal Tripod Dolly by Magnus Link from Amazon: a quick blog response i created for a question that came in. "How do I make my videos look cinematic?" That's a great question and one that I've always asked as well. A question that even after many years, I find I'm still learning. There's no one answer for sure. I've always thought it was just the expensive Hollywood gear that made it so movie-like. But as I've read and learned more about DIY methods, basic lighting, and camera movements, I've discovered a lot can be done with minimal gear and by a small crew (or in this sample, just 1 person). There are books, and hours of youtube training that help share some techniques, but I wanted to make something that's quick and under a minute. So here it is, hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, comments, or techniques you can share please do. Cheers! P.S The reason I shot this was because I purchased a universal dolly from Amazon and wanted to test it out..i likes it! - it was only about $50. Here's the link to it.
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