Using the Sun (and Sun Surveyor) to Light Up Your Scene

Using the sun is probably one of the greatest assets (and challenges) when it comes to indoor or outdoor shooting..especially if you're a 1-person army or have a small crew. In this example, I used a mobile app called "sun surveyor" to forecast what position the sun will be in. It's a great app, and best of all, it's FREE! If this was an actual studio or set, I'd probably set up and blast 8.21 gigawatts of light power through a window using expensive HMI pars (great scott's marty!)- but in this case, I used natural daylight and power of the sun - I just need it to be positioned correctly. Using the app, I knew at around 6:30pm the sun would shine right through the hotel window, and viola! Awesome light power!

Here's the full video if you wanted to see.

pete alexanderComment