Behind the Scenes of Video Blog "Nightlife Scene" Commentary

regardless of the type of shoot, I always try to improvise and work with what i have. though it's nice at times working with lots of awesome equipment - there are times where there's no time, resource, or budget. being surrounded by so many creative people, i've learned that you don't need a big crew or expensive gear to get descent results on screen.

this was shot with just 1 camera op and 1 light - that's it! i'm also surrounded mostly by junk inside a storage unit which we tried to throw out of focus.

We used the Aputurephoto Lightstorm 120 which is an LED light that packs a punch - what's even cooler is that it has a battery power option so we can bring on location anywhere w/out having to worry about a power outlet.

P.S. this is for my nightlife/nightclub scene blog so if you've been at any of the venues that i've spun at recently, I hope you can be in it! #BTS #BEHINDTHESCENES #SONYA7RII #CONVERGENTDESIGN #APUTUREPHOTO #TASCAM #APUTUREPHOTO #APURTURET120 #CHEESYCAM #NIGHTLIFE #VIDEOBLOG

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