My Second Favorite Place To Be

2017-04-26 11.20.37.jpg

My insurance only covers me once a year. I wish I can go every 3 months. Idk but even when I was a kid I looked forward to going to the dentist. I remember my fav part was getting some candy or a toy I got to pick out of a treasure chest after my cleaning was done. Anyhow, this particular visit, the staff was hella nice to me. It was like one of the best experiences ever. The receptionist greeted me like I was her best friend. 2 other employees smiled at me as they walked to the front desk from the back. My dentist and her assistant both said I have super white teeth and asked if I’m a singer but I know they really mean am I K-pop star (since my bleached my hair). They also thought I was 20 or 21 yrs old which was an added bonus. Can’t wait to see them in 365 days.

My 1st fav place is McDonalds.

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