Founded in 2005, Pete Alexander produced work for Mellange Studio, a premiere video production company located in San Francisco/San Diego CA. They have been known for years to meet and exceed the media production needs of corporations worldwide.

For any production inquiries, or sample work, please send a message here. Corporate work samples are provided by request due to the privacy of content. Enjoy!


Personal Projects

i remember the first 3ccd camcorder I touched. It was the sony vx-1000. I was amazed that finally a regular consumer like me can take some pretty cool looking images like the big boys. I haven't felt that excited about a camera since then. That is, until I purchased the Canon 5d mkII (except maybe when the Panasonic DVX100 came out). I was blown away with the image quality and film like look.

When I was in the market to upgrade to add an additional member to my camera family, my buddy Vinny Minton (Imperial Video Productions) told me check out some RAW footage taken with my camera model. He said I may reconsider. I saw amazing videos online about the RAW functionality that Magic Lantern (ML) offered Canon users. Once I installed it on my camera and used it, I fell in love with my camera all over again.

Hope you enjoy this sample. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Cheers!

video blog episode #10 "the realization" is a discovery of living. they say life will keep handing you the same lessons, until you learn from them. this past year was a year of not only exploration, but a year of discoveries. i invite you to take this journey along side with me and enjoy this game we call life. if you're like me, you're a giver and enjoy contributing to "other peoples" happiness. although very commendable, it can sometimes be at the expense of your own happiness. i encourage you to give yourself the permission to put yourself first. true selflessness is not only giving to others, but giving to yourself. you are a very significant being indeed.

pete alexander - video blog episode #10 "the realization" - official trailer

pete alexander - video blog episode #10 "the realization" - official trailer #2 of 2.

Documenting life’s challenges and success has helped me build the character that I am today. This film has been documenting the past year and only represents a very small portion of my life. “What have you been up to?” Such a common question that many of us, including me, take lightly. I became sick and tired of having nothing meaningful to respond with. I no longer wanted to auto respond with “nothing much, just work” or “same ol same ol.” I wanted to respond with something more vivid and meaningful. In addition, I thought it'd be more entertaining to show people rather than tell. I hope you enjoy this installment of my life and the people who I hold close in this video. Enjoy the memories and make every second count! 

The Knot

Many years ago, a local San Francisco based photography company paired up Vinny and I to shoot a wedding for their client. Sometimes it’s not always easy shooting with someone you’ve never met or worked with before. However, in that particular case, the chemistry caused it to be first of many more events to come. Vinny and I started shooting corporate events, concerts, commercials, and of course a lot more weddings! So when Vinny hit me up to see if I’d be down to film his wedding, I was definitely honored by the request. This was a Mellange Studio first, a civil wedding conducted at city hall of San Francisco. Technically, the last civil wedding I filmed was sometime in 1993 on my generic vhs-c camcorder. I think it was like a “Fisher” model I got from radio shack or something. I was just a kid back then never thinking I’d be as geeked out as I am today into documenting/recording events.

through the years, my perspective on life has been altered. especially when it comes to documenting life’s milestones. i’ve been to hundreds of weddings. each one left it’s own imprint on my mind. there’s something indescribable about being far from home that makes destination weddings extra special. this holds the new record of the farthest destination wedding mellange studio has been a part of. destination: boracay, philippines. i couldn’t have done this without the amazing team and contributions of Bordoy Viterbo and his team. ( they were extremely professional and catered to everything I needed. I look forward to working with them again in the future. amanda tirol of boracay weddings and events also made sure I got what I needed. ( i met an amazing photographer. he has now joined my top 3 list of my fav photogs. his name is Benjamin young III (