Rich B. - Mellange Studio

Rich B. was one of Mellange Studio's first editors.  We have a long work history and a great friendship.  In addition to being an awesome editor and film-maker, he hosts his own radio show and also manages musical band "Overland."  Make sure to check em' out.

Behind the Scenes of Video Blog "Nightlife Scene" Commentary

regardless of the type of shoot, I always try to improvise and work with what i have. though it's nice at times working with lots of awesome equipment - there are times where there's no time, resource, or budget. being surrounded by so many creative people, i've learned that you don't need a big crew or expensive gear to get descent results on screen.

this was shot with just 1 camera op and 1 light - that's it! i'm also surrounded mostly by junk inside a storage unit which we tried to throw out of focus.

We used the Aputurephoto Lightstorm 120 which is an LED light that packs a punch - what's even cooler is that it has a battery power option so we can bring on location anywhere w/out having to worry about a power outlet.

P.S. this is for my nightlife/nightclub scene blog so if you've been at any of the venues that i've spun at recently, I hope you can be in it! #BTS #BEHINDTHESCENES #SONYA7RII #CONVERGENTDESIGN #APUTUREPHOTO #TASCAM #APUTUREPHOTO #APURTURET120 #CHEESYCAM #NIGHTLIFE #VIDEOBLOG

Bay Bridge - San Francisco

City nights with friends.  Tried to fly my drone here, but my remote wasn't communicating with the copter.  My buddy said that they block frequency around that area - wheeeww...thought my drone was busted.

Mangos Thursdays

Got to spin at Mangos for the first time in downtown Sac.  Thurs night hotspot. These guys know how to party.  It was non stop packed from 10p to close. s/o dj wreck of 3 style attraction and Btrix for putting me on.

Sky Chasers

The sky doesn't limit these two aerial cinema pilots who give new meaning to the term "higher perspective."