5 yrs ago today

Facebook reminded me that this pic was taken exactly 5 years from today. That's like more than a whole high school term. Crazy how different my life was at that point in time. I don't say that in a bad nor good fact...I miss those days and I think I was at a very happy point in my life. #SacLife #916

Thinking Spot

There's several thinking spots I have, but this is probably the one I've been frequenting lately.  I got some new tricks up my sleeve in this game we call life, I look forward to making more memories.

The 17 Saddest Concerts

Check out this interesting article by Matt Stopera of Buzzfeed.  I may never know how it's like to hit super stardom, but I do know that even w/all the fame and fortune, celebs are still human. I actually felt really bad for a lot of these artists who had unfortunate turn outs.  "Significance" seems to be a human need.  It's so interesting to see why people need to feel needed/loved/cared for and how they try to obtain that need. It's also just as intriguing to see what happens when they don't. Anyhow, I never thought some of these artists would have to go through this...but it's clear that regardless of your experiences, people share a common for thought.

image via @cherdelrey

Mr. No Excuse leaves me excuseless!

Hasan Banks aka Mr. No Excuse did not let his disability get in the way of competing.  Seeing this and hearing him first hand really leaves me w/out one excuse.  In fact, one of my pet peeves is excuses and I think I need to remind myself that there is no reason I can't reach any goal whether it's fitness, relationships, financial, career oriented...or anything!  Man, I got this video on re-PETE and it's just jolting my brain to remember to believe...believe...believe......