If You Believe

If I were stranded on an island and could only pick a few of my closest friends to be stuck there with, Lizette would be one of em'.  I mean, I grew up on the same little island court since we were kids so same difference right? Birthdays come and go, and it seems like the more we mature, the less we think about "things" vs "things that have meaning."  The gift of thoughtfulness and time rank extremely high on my friends'o'meter.  I already thought the lifetime oreo supply she gave me before was enough.

With that said, you can only imagine the feeling I had when Lizette sent me her playing one of my favorite piano songs, "If You Believe."  I had to kinda hack my phone to record and upload to my blog so sorry it's not the great quality, but anyhow - it's just for me to remember how lucky I am to have her as a friend. #IfYouBelieve

916 Visit

Back again to 916 from So-Cal and SF (monthly ritual).  I'm really lucky to get to spend time with friends and family that are from all my favorite cities.  Fri passed by K St. and then spun Sat night...the place was full by know it's lit when you go sleep 6:41 am..yaaaawn..goodnight. S/O to da dopest security, boss, friend, bodygaurd, VIP driver, Jose...Social, District 30, Parlare, and Oasis for da love...and to mah' crazy homegirls who stole all my clothes from da crib...u know who you are. #twisteddreams

Reunion wid' Julian

Julian and I been friends for several years now.  She's been very active in the nightlife scene and gives me fresh perspective on many aspects of the industry.  Great times catching up wid her.  You can catch Julian working at the Park and Mix in Sacramento.

out for a run...

lots of great things to capture in sacramento...ended up taking a breather at the tunnel...i been trying to run between work breaks....back to socal in the morn..