Chi - Ali - #TBT

Single del '92 (Relativity Records) producido por Mista Lawnge de Black Sheep en conjunto con Baby Chris en la producción ejecutiva. Incluído en el LP "The Fabulous Chi-Ali" lanzado el mismo año...

Working for FREE

Working in an industry where competition is fierce, many people ask me if I'd be willing to work for free.  When I started I worked many projects free but as I began to improve my skill set, I felt that my time was worth compensation.  Though I still feel that way, I still very much do things FOR FREE!  It's really a case by case basis but I think Matt W. shown in this video that sometimes it's not always about the compenstation, but the long term value you get from experience.

William Singe + Devvon Terrell Collab

Official collab video for William Singe & Devvon Terrell's 2016 cover of "Controlla" by Drake. Subscribe to William Singe: Watch next, "Come & See Me" - PartyNextDoor (William Singe Cover): World Tour Dates: Get William's Mixtapes: The Re-Introduction Vol. 2: The Re-Introduction Vol.

Using the Sun (and Sun Surveyor) to Light Up Your Scene

Using the sun is probably one of the greatest assets (and challenges) when it comes to indoor or outdoor shooting..especially if you're a 1-person army or have a small crew. In this example, I used a mobile app called "sun surveyor" to forecast what position the sun will be in. It's a great app, and best of all, it's FREE! If this was an actual studio or set, I'd probably set up and blast 8.21 gigawatts of light power through a window using expensive HMI pars (great scott's marty!)- but in this case, I used natural daylight and power of the sun - I just need it to be positioned correctly. Using the app, I knew at around 6:30pm the sun would shine right through the hotel window, and viola! Awesome light power!

Here's the full video if you wanted to see.

Cinematic Look In Under 1 Minute

Magnus DWF-2 Universal Tripod Dolly by Magnus Link from Amazon: a quick blog response i created for a question that came in. "How do I make my videos look cinematic?" That's a great question and one that I've always asked as well. A question that even after many years, I find I'm still learning. There's no one answer for sure. I've always thought it was just the expensive Hollywood gear that made it so movie-like. But as I've read and learned more about DIY methods, basic lighting, and camera movements, I've discovered a lot can be done with minimal gear and by a small crew (or in this sample, just 1 person). There are books, and hours of youtube training that help share some techniques, but I wanted to make something that's quick and under a minute. So here it is, hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, comments, or techniques you can share please do. Cheers! P.S The reason I shot this was because I purchased a universal dolly from Amazon and wanted to test it out..i likes it! - it was only about $50. Here's the link to it.