Monthly Mix Series Update

Recently, I've been heavily involved in some projects that required my full attention. Unfortunately, it prohibited me from coming out with a March 2015 monthly mix.  Ok, no excuses, poor time mgt....I know..but it's all good things. It really allowed me to re-evaluate everything that I'm doing and be able to re-calibrate my time, resources, and priorities.  I really appreciate everyone supporting my mixes and texting me all pics of you guys listening to them.  More new music to come....and please stay tuned!

World of Dance - No Introduction Needed

I really enjoyed this performance. I think I've actually practiced with these guys long ago.  They are really an inspiring group of people. I wish I never stopped dancing. I know it's not too late, but seeing how amazing groups such as the Jabbawockeez are make me realize how long it'll be before I ever get to that level. I like how they rep the bay in the music and style of dance.  So sick.

Empire Cast - Conqueror (feat Estelle)

Estelle and son of Lucious Lyon, Jamal (Jussie Smollet) are both one of my favorite singers. This song packs a lot of soul and infused w/ a mental boost of encouragement. Did you know that Jamal was one of the original Mighty Ducks (Disney)? Crazy right...I heard of the show Empire several months before air date from an insider and was anxiously waiting it's release. I'm super happy it took off...and last nights season finale was uber crayzee. Not since 24 have I been looking forward to watching a series.

New Edition Reunion - #TBT

Randomly came across these videos. I'm a big NE fan..I think they are my favorite R&B group of all time. Boys to Men is one of my favorite songs by NE.

"So we'll search for answers to our questions...."  

"Through mistakes we'll learn to gather wisdom..."

"We're maturing, without knowing.."