Parlare Eurolounge Sacramento

Come join me this Saturday 04.30 at Parlare Eurolounge in Sac.  They just added a Wednesday night party to the lineup so make sure you check that out!  S/O to all my friends in this weeks lineup - Oasis, Joseph One, Nina Z, and Eddie Z, Illest, SN1, Nihntendo and Jaysoo. Holla'!


With technology taking over the communication universe.. messages like these take me off guard a bit and remind me about the lost art of writing.  My friends are awesome indeed..


celebrating the Nike Dunk Era and inspired by the OG Nike Air Max 90's...Nike x UNDFTD dropped these limited editions over the weekend. i promised i'd chill off new kicks..but i couldn't say no to these. frown emoticon i think my favorite part is the "just do it" reminder because sometimes when i think too much i get stuck and i need to "just go with it." (Thanks Elisha Cuthbert)

SVNAH - come see me

I def got my eye on this amazing artist from AZ (currently in LA). She's a singer, songwriter, and producer.  What also really got me was when she said the following:

"I don't wanna be what everybody else wants to be, i don't wanna do what everybody else is doing. 
I just wanna be me and I'm different."

Five Years Ago...

video blog episode #10 "the realization" is a discovery of living. they say life will keep handing you the same lessons, until you learn from them. this past year was a year of not only exploration, but a year of discoveries. i invite you to take this journey along side with me and enjoy this game we call life. if you're like me, you're a giver and enjoy contributing to "other peoples" happiness. although very commendable, it can sometimes be at the expense of your own happiness. i encourage you to give yourself the permission to put yourself first. true selflessness is not only giving to others, but giving to yourself. you are a very significant being indeed. your friend pete alexander air date: april 21, 2011 if you missed the last episode, you may watch here: