Trace - Heavy Shoulders

I saw this amazing performer while randomly showing my buddy Rudy around town near gaslamp in San Diego. Wow, this girl is amazing.  Got to meet her and have her mad props after the show. Can't wait to hear more from her.

Behind the scenes with Tria

I was able to help produce and direct a how to video for Tria Beauty.  They have an amazing line of products which I was able to cover. Since these products aren't out yet, I can't speak of them, but here is a snap shot of one of the end users, Marija, about to share her story. We had an amazing group at Tria, talent, and crew. Look forward to posting the final video once it's public.

Thinking of you

I remember hearing this track on KMEL love lines with Evan Luck and Rosary.  I was in love with the girl's voice who sang the hook...if anyone knows her name, let me know.