Sky Chasers

The sky doesn't limit these two aerial cinema pilots who give new meaning to the term "higher perspective."

Behind the Scenes - San Francisco Shoot

Here are some behind the shots of a shoot for a corporate beauty brand in San Francisco.  Though the shoot was in one day, the prep takes place weeks/months in advance. In this case, we were a skeleton crew (3 members only). Thomas, DJ Illest, and I happily took on a challenge of what normally would take 5+ crew members to pull off.  What made this shoot a success was the teamwork w/client as well as the detailed preparation. Pre-production is everything! The shoot ended up being quite a success and I'm super proud of what we did in such a limited time, resources, and budget.

Top Golf, Roseville CA

This place was amazing.  The customer service here was on point.  Food was 3.5 stars out of 5 in my opinion, but the ambience and client service made it a 4.3.  Definitely can't wait to go back!